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My name is Carol, I would like to welcome you to my site. I am passionate about living life to the fullest. I take delight in various activities, such as globetrotting and energetically dancing as a Zumba instructor. I also enjoy playing pickleball with friends and spending time at the theater. After dedicating 40 years of my career to Blue Cross Blue Shield as a Senior Manager, I exemplify the importance of dedication and enthusiasm.


I am a  C3 Leader, a program with the Chicago Conservation Department of Environment. I take my plant-care responsibilities seriously. Motivated by a mission to challenge age-related stereotypes and myths that society paints for the elderly, I advocate for breaking those barriers and celebrating uniqueness, self-expression, and authenticity. I have initiated a new venture by establishing an Instagram account called @Flippingfabulously.


Join me in my posts and reels in reshaping the perception of aging gracefully and with my style, as true beauty transcends boundaries. Come and embrace the many activities and wonders that will bring joy and happiness to aging. I'd love to hear from you. You can complete the "Reach Out" forms. Let's keep the conversation going. 

Carol Williams Blogger
Carol Williams Flipping Fabulously Blogger

Defy Expectations,
Embrace Your Fabulousness

Carol Williams Flipping Fabulously Blogger

Exercise helps keep you moving and defines your signature look

Get Moving

Carol Williams Flipping Fabulously Blogger

Participate in local activities

Stay Social

Carol Williams Flipping Fabulously Blogger

Traveling can be an amazing way to keep your mind active and physically healthy.


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